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M/M Bell, Wisconsin

How does it feel knowing you don’t own your timeshare anymore? RELIEF… We are very satisfied, and GroupWise consultants are very professional; We are very satisfied. Thank you!!

Karen from Orange County, CA

Karen has received calls before and fell scam to a company for $500. She regretted buying it but has done nothing over the years because she has not been very TRUSTFUL of anyone. Came to the appointment due to Andrea answering her questions and has the same name as her daughter. So happy to finally be out of the black hole!!

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  • M/M Barnett- Corona, CA

    Never really thought about getting out of the timeshare and never tried to sell it. Reason they agreed to come to the appointment was the people they talked to at GroupWise were very upfront, answered questions, and had NO pressure. They have not used the timeshare in years and now are “TIME-SHARE-LESS”. Love both of their laughs at the end.

  • M/M Grieger

    Very happy to be done with their timeshare property. Have been to other meetings in the past but companies only wanted them to pay to get out of it and get nothing in return. They are going to celebrate when they get home by opening a bottle of Champagne!!

  • M/M Burner, North Carolina

    Buying the timeshare was a mistake. We used our timeshare once, and maintenance fees have gone WAY up. The resort never told us it would be so hard to sell. So glad GroupWise came to our rescue. Thanks!

  • George and Donna Jewett -
    San Jose, CA

    Very happy that they came out to meet with GroupWise to find out all their options available with their Hawaii timeshare. Have taken a lot of grief and stress out of their lives.

  • M/M Levy

    Very nice couple was a little apprehensive to come meet with GroupWise.  Their recap of what they were told on the phone and what happened was PRICELESS!

  • M/M Longo, Virginia Beach

    Had been contacted by many other companies in the past, but as you can see by the video they are extremely happy to work with a company that was honest.

  • Mr. Wolf, Illinois

    Life has changed drastically over the last 8 years. Widowed, doesn’t like travelling alone, a few health issues, the timeshare is not an asset to him anymore. He does not want anyone to be burdened with his timeshare. He is glad he got the call to get rid of it immediately.

  • M/M Walker
    New Jersey

    Best deal we ever made!

  • Father Joe, Massachusetts

    Very happy with the service he has received and glad to be done with this timeshare nightmare.

  • Jack and Minnie, Pennsylvania

    They wanted to thank Jamie for setting up their appointment and said it feels WONDERFUL to be done with the timeshare.

  • Wayne and Connie - Illinois

    Have been a frustrated for years with their timeshare and have received many phone calls in the past from companies that wanted upfront money for listing or advertising. Wanted to thank the phone room for making a call to them to set up an appointment to meet with GroupWise. Have a sense of humor talking about their timeshare.

  • Tony and Carol- Georgia

    Like many owners, Tony and Carol have received calls in the past asking for upfront money for listing or advertising their timeshare. Tony was skeptical and told his wife he was not buying anything and didn’t even want to go. Afterwards he was very happy that they both are done with their timeshare that had become worrisome over the years.

  • Frank and Susan - Texas

    Scam companies that charged upfront fees for advertising have taken Susan and Frank in the past. No surprise, when GroupWise called, Susan was VERY leary and VERY skeptical! She is so glad she at least agreed to come to the meeting to see what the options were. They are both grateful for GroupWise’s help.

  • M/M Snow - Missouri

    Used the timeshare a lot when the kids were younger but times have changed. Kids are now grown up, and their vacation needs have changed. They love cruising and spending time with the grandkids. Glad to be done with the timeshare. ☺

  • M/M Walters - New York

    They have been trying for years to find a real solution to get out of their timeshare.  Both were a more than a little skeptical when they received the call but are glad they came out to talk to GroupWise.  Now they are smiling ear to ear.

  • M/M Caturus - Rhode Island

    This nice couple simply did not want the kids to be burdened like they have been with maintenance fees, assessments, or RCI fees. Mr. Caturus is dealing with some health issues right now and glad to be out of his timeshare.

  • M/M Green - Alabama

    They have taken some great trips with their timeshare, but they travel differently now and it’s time to say “GOOD BYE.”

    Have met with other companies in the past and left mad since they made them feel dumb for buying the timeshare in the first place. Glad they came out to see GroupWise since they were very straightforward and understanding.

  • M/M Floyd - Pennsylvania

    Felt the timeshare was too much of a hassle to book trips and cost was going up. When their kids showed them they could rent places online easily and often cheaper than what we had to go through with the timeshare we wanted to sell. They had been to other meetings and were concerned they would be wasting their time. They were pleasantly surprised that GroupWise was upfront and honest. They decided to do business with a company they trusted. Now they can focus on what they love, cruising!!

  • M/M Jackson

    Just don’t get around like they used to and don’t use the timeshare. Mr. Jackson tells it like it is. He had some bad experiences in the past with listing companies and almost did not even take the call from GroupWise. He thanked the person that talked to him and couldn’t be happier to be done with the timeshare forever.

  • M/M Kolbe - Boulder CO

    Enjoyed the people they worked with at GroupWise. The are very happy to get this load off their shoulders.

  • S & C Vopatek

    Hi Jodi, My wife and I just returned from a Panama Canal cruise and were happy to find that we are "Timeshare Free". What a pleasure to do business with a company like Groupwise that actually does what it says it will do. We had some prior, very unsatisfactory and expensive experiences with companies which took our money and never produced any results. Some of them even had the nerve to ask for more money when they had accomplished nothing on our behalf. You are more than welcome to use this letter/testimonial in your advertising or however it might be of help to others. Those with questions about our Groupwise experience may contact us at this email.

  • M. Deloria

    Just completely a transfer from Groupwise. Their employees were always helpful, and made it extremely easy for me to obtain my timeshare. They took care of almost everything but my signatures. It did take some time to complete the process, but they were very upfront about the timing when we started the process. They did complete everything in the time frame they originally told me. I have recommended to family members, and will continue to do so.